Event: Charity GG Hunt 2014
Date: 20th April 2014
Time: 6am to 4pm
Location: Penang UNESCO World Heritage Area Georgetown

Event Overview

This is a charity treasure hunt organized by KDU College Engineering Department to instill the engineering culture among secondary school students. Furthermore, this event also aims to promote tourism in Penang as it is organized within the Penang UNESCO World Heritage Area. GG is an acronym for Go Green which intends to instill awareness to build a cleaner and better Penang with its Green Theme and recycling mindset.

Participants in teams will follow a trail of clues venturing through the historical roads of Georgetown in search of hidden stations. These stations will challenge the participants to various engineering based games before granting them a pass which is required to move on to the next clue. Finally, the quickest team to complete all the games return to the starting point with the treasure will emerge as the winner of GG Hunt 2014.

Participants will be able to get exposure to engineering and green mindset via games while getting to know Penang's forgotten sites at the same time. Participants are also eligible to be included into the Malaysian Book of Records for the longest Second Penang Bridge model constructed using recycled materials. In additional, all profits will be donated to charity as a gratitude to those who are in need.


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